Supreme Party Gaming Van

Branding, Website, and SEO Success for a new gaming van company

Supreme Party Gaming Van

Branding, Website, and SEO Success for a new gaming van company

The Client

Supreme Party Gaming Van, a new business aiming to establish itself as a top provider of mobile gaming party experiences in London. As a new business, they sought to carve a niche in the competitive market of mobile entertainment by targeting families with children.

The Challenges

Supreme Party Gaming Van faced several initial hurdles as they set out to build their brand and online presence:
  • New Business Establishment: The need to develop a brand identity that would not only inspire trust but also distinguish itself amidst numerous competitors.
  • Trust and Clarity: For parents planning parties, the website needed to convey reliability, clearly outline the services offered, and facilitate straightforward booking processes.
  • User Experience: The website needed to be meticulously designed to answer all potential queries from parents regarding the party services, ensuring a hassle-free user journey.


Brand Design

Agile Web Designs crafted a vibrant and playful brand identity, appealing directly to the target demographic of families. The colour palette and font were chosen to evoke excitement and fun, essential qualities for a gaming experience.

Web Design

Trustworthy and Engaging Layout: The website was designed with a professional layout that instantly communicates trust and quality.

Clear Information Architecture: We structured the website to prominently display services, pricing packages, and testimonials, thus providing reassurance and comprehensive information to potential clients.

User-Friendly Booking System: A straightforward booking form that allows the company to gather all the information needed to provide the service.

FAQ Section: A comprehensive FAQ section was included to preemptively address common concerns and questions from parents, simplifying the decision-making process.

SEO Strategy

Initial SEO Setup: We implemented robust on-site and off-site SEO strategies concurrently with the website development to maximise visibility from the get-go.

Keyword Targeting: Focused on “money keywords” that were highly relevant to the business to capture the right audience and maximise search potential.

Backlink Strategy: Developed a strategy to build high-quality backlinks to improve domain authority and enhance search engine ranking and brand awareness.


Brand and Web Design

Brand Recognition: The distinctive branding helped Supreme Party Gaming Van rapidly carve out a name for itself in the local market.

Increased Bookings: The intuitive design and easy navigation of the website led to a significant increase in bookings shortly after launch.

Positive Feedback: Clients frequently complimented the professionalism and user-friendliness of the website, which made planning parties less stressful and more enjoyable.

SEO Success

Rapid Ranking Improvement: Achieved a significant leap from non-existent to top 3 positions on Google for targeted keywords within just two months post-launch.

Impressions and Clicks: The website garnered 11,000 impressions and over 700 clicks by the second month, demonstrating substantial visibility and engagement.

Conversion to Bookings: The high organic traffic significantly boosted bookings, affirming the effectiveness of our comprehensive SEO strategy. 


The collaborative efforts in brand and web design, alongside strategic SEO initiatives, not only met the initial challenges faced by Supreme Party Gaming Van but also positioned the company as a leading choice for gaming-themed parties.

This project exemplifies how a cohesive brand identity and a well-orchestrated web design can play a crucial role in successfully launching and establishing a new business.

Agile Web Designs is proud to have contributed to the swift success of Supreme Party Gaming Van, setting a robust foundation for its future growth in the entertainment industry.

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